Remember that time I graffitied a van?

The other week, I decided to go for a walk through Amoreiras so I could get my daily step count up to 10k and be out the house for a little while. As I was passing through, I noticed they were repainting the graffiti wall in Amoreiras that I so dearly love and cherish with new, fun designs.

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So long, farewell, auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!

My graduation ceremony was yesterday, but I’ll be honest, I don’t feel like anything is over.

Yesterday I didn’t cry. I didn’t make long, sappy movies in my head about how it’s all changing. I didn’t despair at the thought of never seeing my friends again and I certainly didn’t look with longing at the faculty that I had always classified as cold, lifeless and exceedingly bureaucratic.

For me, the end of college feels more like a start.

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Ventures into streetwear

I started getting more into fashion ever since I lost weight and, you know, stopped looking like an overweight ball of snark and acne.

At the moment, I’m quite into streetwear. I love everything about it, the mix of laidback and absolute tryhard, the labels and thrifted items, the oversized pieces (which I never touched before as I always feared they would make me look bigger) and the comfortable joggers. For me, streetwear is the perfect mix between effortless and exaggerated, which is a good way to describe me in general.

Unfortunately, as I am not (yet) a rich Instagram model, it would be a lie to say I’ve revamped my closet to fit my new style goals and that all my current outfits are r/streetwear worthy. My phone might be fine with me drooling all over the Nike Huarache Ultra (so goooorrrgeous), but my wallet sure isn’t, which is why I mostly just play around with what I have and what H&M’s sales section has the grace to offer me at cheap prices.

I think in the future I’ll do a post on how to shop for cheap, immediately followed by another post on how fast fashion is at the forefront of modern slavery.

For now, however, I’ll just share some of my favorite outfits from the past two months.

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Things my brain has decided are more important than university

I graduate in ten days.

Well, technically I graduate in 51 days since I still have exams ahead of me, as well as my thesis presentation, but the graduation ceremony is in ten days so, for all intents and purposes, I’ll be a university graduate in less than two weeks!

This thought is as terrifying as it is exciting and I’ve yet to decide whether the idea that it’s all over makes me want to cry or laugh. Probably both.

I wish I could say that I’m currently working as hard as I can to finish my degree. Seriously, I really hoped that by the end of this long, winding road the only thought on my mind would be ‘OH MY GOD GISELA JUST FINISH IT JUST F*CKING DO IT’.

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Walking through Lisbon: a mini-photoshoot

On the 25th of April, Portuguese people get to celebrate one of the most important days in our history: the Carnation Revolution. The carnation is a symbol of our independence; it’s flower people held and shared amongst themselves as they fought for our country’s freedom almost half a century ago.

To celebrate this historic holiday, I went for a very, very long walk in my capital city, Lisbon, with two close friends of mine, Inês Paulos & Patrícia Nogueira In between stops for ice cream, scones, and simple window shopping, we took some pictures of the streets, ourselves and the people around us.

Here are a couple of those.

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A (falsa) arte de pedir aos professores que se calem

Na minha vida, já fiz várias coisas que depois me arrependi.

Uma delas foi ter estudado ciências em vez de artes no secundário. Sim, sim, eu sei que artes me teria levado ao desemprego e que iria apanhar lepra e viver nas ruas se tivesse seguido a minha veia artística, condenando-me a passar o resto da minha vida a abanar o meu portfólio no ar na esperança que alguém notasse as minhas capacidades de design gráfico.

Contudo, devo dizer que estudar ciências deu-me, literalmente, uma depressão que começava comigo a levar livros de fantasia para todas as aulas e acabava em ataques de ansiedade todos os dias. Uma dessas situações de lose / lose, se vamos a ver.

Outro dos meus arrependimentos são as discussões que tenho tido com os meus professores ao longo dos anos.

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